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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Art & Craft

Looked through my old blog posts recently and Erin saw photos of the craft I did with Elyssa last time.  "Mummy, why you never do Art and Craft with me?", she asked.  Ooops!!

So during the school holidays, did a simple paper plate craft with the girls.

Paint, Paint 

Both girls hard at work 

Draw eyes with Sharpie Pen 

Done!  Paper plate lion completed! 

Elyssa made a white rabbit too

Now gotta think of next craft activity ;-) 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cheeky Erin

Recent conversation with Lil Cheeky Erin -

Erin  :   Mummy, smell my hand!
Me    : 'sniff'.  Why so smelly?
Erin   : "lift up hands"  Because I just touched my armpits.  See... my armpit so sweaty and smelly!
Me    :   ??????!!!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Langkawi Holiday - CNY 2016

Another super back dated post.  One year to be exact!  Langkawi holiday was CNY 2016. Haha..well, better late than never!

It was a lovely short holiday at Langkawi - 2 nights at Tanjung Rhu hotel (absolutely LOVELY hotel!) and then 2 nights at City Bayview Hotel (uhm..any hotel after Tg Rhu definitely pales in comparison)

Took a firefly flight this round
So convenient to fly out from Subang airport 

So excited to start our holiday 

Less than 2 hours later, we were at this amazing place... Tg Rhu Resort

Just so serene

We were lucky to catch a CNY lion dance that day 

Lion dance by the beach! 

Caught a lion by the beach  :-) 

Family photo with one of the lions 

Love this swimming pool ! 

Afternoon tea break with a lovely view 

Alcoholic drink by the pool that night. Hic!
Buy 1-free 1 during happy hours. It's Langkawi after all. 
Girls wanted to watch tv in the room so we did something new this round - left them there!  Taught Elyssa how to call us and we were just 5 mins away within the hotel grounds anyway. 
It was nice to just drink and chat by the poolside and then the beachside. (without hearing "Mummy!" every 10 mins. haha) 

Good night Day 1!
--- to be continued -- 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Big Scare

Elyssa gave us such a big scare last month.

She was running at my parent's place, slipped on the wet floor (already told her not to run as the maids were mopping the floor) and hit her head hard on the floor.  Poor girl cried and cried.  I wasn't particularly worried at first.  Tot it was just another fall.  About an hour later, she still complained her head was painful. We went back home and then she started packing her bags for school the next day. Seeing she was fine, hubby and I went for a short after-dinner walk around the neighbourhood.  Came home to find her crying away.  Okay.... so brought her up to her room to sleep.

My heart stopped for a beat when she suddenly cried and asked "Mummy, where are you?" Uhm? I was sitting right in front of her! She said everything was dark and she couldn't see anything.  (room lights were on).

Hubby panicked and said better to bring her to A&E immediately. What if there was a concussion? A head injury?  

So off we went to the hospital.  While waiting for the doctor, she vomited her dinner.  Aiks, lagi panic. Doctor attended to her, said her signs were ok but suggested to do MRI anyway. 

Elyssa and her MRI
(ok, this mummy just HAD to snap a quick photo)  
She had to close her eyes and not move, while we all had to leave the room 

Phew, luckily MRI results were fine.  But doctor suggested to admit her for observation.  No further drama that night and she got discharged the next morning. 

All fine and dandy during discharge! 
Only the pricey premium room was available that night.  Ouch! Had to top up since it was over the insurance coverage limit. 

Even got private patio area! 

Such a huge scare but luckily turned out to be no big deal.  The fall must have caused some internal swelling, which pressed on the optic nerve which led to the sight blurness / temporary blindness.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Happy 2017!

Well, it's 3 weeks into the new year but somehow my mind is still stuck in 2016. Didn't we just have Christmas and year end holidays?!
I think I really need to have a "Hello New Year" post to kick start the year.

As usual before I look forward to the new year, I need to reflect back on 2016.

2016, oh 2016. What a year it has been! I've got to admit, 2016 was a little bit of a selfish year for me.  Why selfish?  Cos after 8+ years of putting the kids way upppp highhhhh on my priority list, I decided to push myself up the list. Yup, ME.  Wasn't purely intentional at first. I started my new job in Dec 2015 so naturally the full swing came in 2016.  I poured my heart and soul into my job, which proved to be the toughest one in my career. They were times when I felt small, felt incompetent, felt like I wanted to give up, times when I literally broke down and cried, yet.... there were times when I felt on top of the world, that I never even knew I had it in me to do the things I've done and then part curious to see what else I can do. So work wise, it was tough but also amazingly (exhausting) and satisfying!

I started to have a new focus as well which was on my fitness regime. Again, not quite planned but it was a natural flow. New job, so decided it was a good time to change image a bit. Bought new dresses and had to stay fit in order to be able to wear them (and buy more. hehe)

Was contemplating whether to post the photos below. But since I have short term memory, I decided I should just post. Small, small tho.   :-)

2015 vs 2016 
Not bad eh? Left photo taken around Oct 2015, right photo around Feb 2016. 
Woke up at 6.00am most workday mornings to do a 30 minute workout (Body Shred 60 by Jillian Michaels) 

Oct 2016
No six-pack but I'm still happy. Haven't been in this form since I got preggie with Elyssa in 2007! 

Continued running too. Just checked my FB - I participated in 8 runs in 2016 of which five were 21km. (MWM, UEM, Stand Chart, PJ Half, Putrajaya Night Run). Not too bad!

Ok, so that's a lot about ME for 2016. Girls of course still high on the priority list (if any it's poor hubby that got downgraded a bit.  Note to self - need to give him more TLC!). I keep telling myself that I should not be a helicopter parent anyway (ok, or it's just the guilty working mama talking) and that they will be just fine.

Lucky to have loving grandparents 

Lucky to have cousins to grow up with
No automatic alt text available.

Lucky to have a bunch of friends around the same age within our neighbourhood

So many things to be grateful about! Sometimes I complain about a lot of things. Things do go wrong, but I must take stock and look at the multiple things that are RIGHT.  My new word for the year - gratitude.

Other random photos taken in 2016 :

Photo taken during Family trip to Sekinchan 

@ Sarang Paloh, Ipoh

@ Potluck Christmas dinner 

One of our baking sessions 

Thank you 2016 for such an amazing year!
2014 :
2013 :
2012 :

And Hello 2017! 

First day of school 
Snapped Elyssa's photo from the car, when I dropped her off at school on the first day. She couldn't even stop for 2 seconds for me to snap the photo! I didn't even realise it until a friend commented on FB - just look at the determination and confidence in her. Love it, love it, love it!

So far so good for both girls in school.  Both settling in well. 2017 is looking good  :-)

Bring in on 2017! 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bangkok Holiday - Day 8 (last day)

So fast and it was Day 8 already.  We had one whole week!  How come the days flew by with a blink of an eye? I brought my story book, crochet stuff and sports shoes but all remained untouched!

Didn't post photos of our home for 7 nights earlier, so here they are.  Only remembered to snap some quick photos on the last night before going for a swim, so they are a tad messy ;-)

Living Room
One-bedroom apartment with pull out sofa in the living room. So comfortably sleeps 4. 


The girls had plenty of bathtub fun here. 

Kitchen Area 

Went to Saladaeng area for our last day. Not a good choice as there was nothing much there. Should have just gone to MBK! Took a cab to the airport around 2pm.

These 2 girls...when both are in a good mood (which is not always the case!) they can play with each other so well. Even in a place like a boring airport terminal, they keep each other company and can have such a good time together.
Jie Jie and Mei Mei. Just oblivious to their surroundings 

Last holiday we-fie in the plane
Forgot to check our tickets upon check in. We got 3 seats together and 1 seat pretty far away. Why not altogether?  Hmmpphh.. so just like our flight to BKK, I had to manage both girls while hubby slept throughout his.

Studying the inflight brochure carefully 
Yes, I still struggle with the questions they ask after seeing this brochure! 

Goodbye Bangkok!
We had a blast and will be back soon.

Bangkok Holiday - Day 7

Good Morning Day 7

After 2 days of working, it's now back to the holiday part. Yay!  We were a little unsure what to do for Day 7 - visit temples? palace? floating market?  Seemed to be the right "touristy" thing to do. But the thought of going out in the heat was a turn off. Plus do we even like the touristy stuff?  Not really for us.  Girls probably indifferent.  So decided to just go take it easy and go with the flow. hehe.

Told hubby I really want to visit the Unicorn Cafe they went the previous day. Ok set! Let that be the first agenda for the day.

Walked there but heck, it was closed!  A tad disappointed.... then realised we have 30 minutes till their opening time.  No problem then.  Spotted a small shop nearby for breakfast.

No proper menu so we just pointed at the food :-)
Pretty good! 

Had these 2 snacks too
Bought these 2 banana leaf wrapped kuih from a roadside peddler. Surprisingly one was sweet while the other savoury. Should have bought more varieties to try. 

Walked over to Unicorn Cafe after eating.  We were the first customers!
So we snapped, snapped and snapped away. Sweetie pinky sweet photos ahead...

Elyssa with a giant unicorn 


Baby blue too 

See my unicorn top? Matches the place! 
Bought it at Chatucak on Day 2. I think for THB 200. 

Haha... poor hubs while the girls went crazy over cutie unicorns! 

Waffles and Drink
Nothing great 

Had some unicorn toast too
I like the way Erin hugged her jie jie so tightly here

Pastel colours from top to bottom

Purple Unicorn!
Found a rack of unicorn themed clothes for customers to try on 

We joined in the fun. Haha

Family wefie 

Walked around after that.

Erin with a giant Olaf statue 

Walk somemore, then popped into another cafe..

And another one...

Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe 

Teddy Bears on Train Tracks around the Cafe. So cute! 

More teddies! 

Went back to the apartment. Last night of the holiday - last chance to swim!

Erin having a gala time in the pool
She didn't want to leave! 

For dinner that night, we decided to head back to Asiatique.
Had dinner at one of the restaurants fronting the pier this time.

Dinner @ Brasserie 9 

We ordered two sets of 3-course meal and 1 fish n chips
It was beautifully presented and good! 

Did some last minute shopping. Until we had to practically run to catch the last free boat back. Hehe. 

Good night Day 7! Turned out our "go with the flow" itinerary meant cafes, more cafes, swimming, shopping and food.  Wuahahaha!